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Ken Bonfield is a recognized performer and composer of American fingerstyle acoustic guitar instrumentals played on guitars of his own design commissioned from and crafted by master luthier; Alan Carruth.

The Home page is where you'll land and read recent news, the Bio page tells you Ken's story in detail, the Artistry of the Guitar page details Ken's outreach via concerts, workshops, and private mentoring, the Music page is Ken's store where you'll find CDs, MP3s, and TAB, the Shows page will have a smattering of past concerts and up-to-date touring information, the Dangling Conversation page is for Guitar-heads and Gear-geeks; it's chock full of information about Ken's guitars, gear, and tunings, and the Links page will direct you to the guitars and gear Ken uses as well as to friends and peers.

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I've started a new weekly blog! For the moment I'll be posting longish essays reflecting on my 21 years in the music business. Oops! Forgive the oxymoron. Anyway; if you'd like to dig a little deeper into the life of Keni B. I think you might find it amusing, enlightening, and entertaining. Here's the url: http://kenbonfield.wordpress.com

YouTube Videos

Point your browser here! I've got over a dozen tunes video-taped right in my very own home studio!

Ken Bonfield

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